Once upon a time there was a little girl picking up starfish on the beach and returning them to sea. Someone nearby went over to see what she was doing. When he asked the girl, she explained that the tide had ebbed and the starfish left out of the water would dry up and die; that’s why she was returning them to sea. Concerned for the girl, the adult tried to convince her that her efforts were useless; there were miles and miles of shore and thousands and thousands of starfish and it would be impossible to return them all. The girl looked at the adult smiling and while she threw another starfish to sea, she said, “At least for this one, it was worth it.”

Adapted from a Sufi tale

What is this about?

The purpose of this project / initiative is to publish five books in a maximum of five years and dedicate all proceeds to five different charities and their causes.

Can I collaborate?

The initiative is open to anyone who wants to join. The project already has reviewers, translators, graphic designers and web programmers on board. If you want to contribute ideas to the project or get involved hands on, we would be really pleased. You can join us from here.

May I suggest a worthy charitable cause?

Of course! If you are a member of an NGO or want to propose a particular charity or cause to which to dedicate the proceeds of the next book, you can do so. Send us an email telling us in greater detail about the cause and we will be in touch with you.

Do you want us to keep you informed?

If you want to find out what has been raised through the book sales, or when the next publication is due out or the latest news on this initiative, leave us your email and we will keep you informed.

Life in positive

A collection of tales in which the author talks about relationships, about being true to one’s self, and how to always see the bright side of life.

What greater joy is there than to support projects involving the most vulnerable children! That’s why this book donates all proceeds to the NGO, SOS Children’s Villages International.

SOS Children’s Villages International is present in 134 countries and develops projects for the most vulnerable children. It protects children who have been stripped of parental care, and provides them with a protective environment where they can grow feeling loved and respected. The organization’s mission is to create families for abandoned, destitute and orphaned children and support them so they can build their own future. You can find more information here.

By purchasing the book, you will contribute towards giving each child a home, food and education as well as towards funding children through their journey into independent life.